• The Visual Persuasion Project – New York Law School

    Looks at the practice of law in the current screen-dominated, pervasively visual, digital era.

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  • The Marshall Project

    A not-for-profit, non-partisan news organization dedicated to covering America’s criminal justice system, launching 2014.

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  • The Sentencing Project

    An organization that researches and works for a fair and effective U.S. criminal justice system by promoting reforms in sentencing policy.

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  • Women’s Prison Association

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  • Rehabilitation Through The Arts

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  • “Tabloid Justice: The Political Justice System in the Age of Media Frenzy” (2007) Richard Fox and Robert Van Sickel

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  • The OJ Simpson case 20 years later: making ‘trials into television’
    An interview with Paul Thaler

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  • The Brian Lehrer Show WNYC 07/08/13
    Why Are There Cameras in the Courtroom Anyway?

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